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"Somebody needs to do his pre-op interview."
"Who usually does that?"

or, the scene where i totally missed sheriff stilinski’s look of “no”

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MTV again trying to erase Sterek and to be honest I have had enough of this. 

Yesterday the Sterek Campaign won the Feat of the Year in the Fandom Awards at SDCC, and yet no where in the articles out today and the announcement yesterday the charity is mentioned.

Even worse, Posey the actor who has constantly being and asshole about Sterek and shipping accepted the award just to later give it away to a random fan just because, an award that was not his to give away.

The Sterek Campaign, while being a Fandom driven charity, was born because of the love and passion that exists for STEREK, THE SHIP, THE ACTORS AND THE CHARACTERS, nothing more nothing less. The money that the charity gave to the Wolf Sanctuary was made by making Fan art, Fics, Graphics and such by Sterek shippers, Sterek authors and Sterek fan artists, it was a Sterek fandom collective work and it’s really unfair that this is all been treated like nothing.

And now in the MTV Article announcing the winners, the Sterek Campaign comments are being erased, the comments posted with the word Sterek are being flagged as Spam, why this erasure? I AM BEYOND DONE WITH THIS.

So yeah I ask to please leave comments in the article, if you want to mention Sterek, mention it like S-T-E-R-E-K so I won’t be made spam, and I also encourage you to Tweet about it, tweet to @MTV, @MTVTeenWolf, @mtvU, ew, @mattymcd ask them to correct this behavior, we don’t need to insult, but we can be firm on our believes, we don’t deserve this treatment, not when we have been used over and over and over. Make them aware, in a polite way, that this is hurting people and the only thing that will happen in the long run is damage further more the Show, not the fandom, because as you can see we are here stronger than ever.

And if you want to say that the Feat was won as a collective as a Fandom let me tell you that no, you are wrong, the fandom was nominated as a whole, Teen Wolf Fandom and it lost, Sterek was nominated as Ship and it lost (the Dalena shippers are huge and super dedicated too) but the Sterek Campaign was voted and won by a for the Sterek shippers, or need I remind you that the creators have received Death threats, hate and bullying because of the Name over the years? 

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the guy who was given the award by posey literally is an ass for not giving it to the creater of the sterek campaign. like how are you that selfish?

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well this is very unsettling 

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Colton Haynes arriving at Comic Con (x)

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i realized that the sterek fandom is in an abusive relationship with teen wolf